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Privacy police notice

Camagni e Associati is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy notice explains how we may collect,  use and disclose your personal data and describes the rights and options you may have in this respect. Please read it carefully.
If you want  to learn more about our obligations in terms of client confidentiality obligations, please refer to our terms of engagement.
1. Who is responsible for your personal data?
Camagni e Associati is responsible for your personal data.
2. Who does this Privacy Policy notice apply to?
It applies to the individual client data with whom we deal, including prospective clients.
It also applies to the personal information of employees at client companies, whose details we may receive as part of the provision of our services. In these circumstances our main client contact must ensure that he/she is entitled to disclose that personal data to us and that, without us taking any further steps, we may collect, use and disclose that personal data as described in this Privacy Policy notice.
Business Contacts
Additionally, it covers the personal information of individuals who are not existing or former clients but who engage with Camagni e Associati by signing up to receive communications such as email alerts and publications, or who attend events run by Camagni e Associati.
Other Firm Contacts
This Privacy Policy notice also covers the personal information of individuals with whom Camagni e Associati  has a business arrangement with, such as vendors and adverse parties.
3. What personal data do we collect?
The personal data we collect may include:  
4. The information we collect and how we use it
Camagni e Associati may use your personal information for a variety of purposes. In particular, Camagni e Associati is committed to collecting and using only the personal information that is necessary for (i) the provision of tax services to its clients, (ii) to manage  business relationship (processing payments, accounting, billing and collection services), (iii) to establish and/or maintain its business relationship with business and/or firm contacts, (iv) to keep individuals informed of services and events which are reasonably considered  of interest to them and/or which they have otherwise confirmed their preference to receive
In some cases, it is mandatory for you to provide us with personal information to enable us to provide services to you, engage with you or to comply with legal obligations (e.g. anti-laundering money law).
5. Disclosures
Camagni e Associati may disclose your personal information in the following circumstances: Finally, Camagni e Associati may only disclose your personal data upon receiving your permission, when required by applicable law or regulations or judicial or official request to do so, or as required to investigate actual or suspected fraudulent or criminal activities.
6. Keeping personal data up to date and secure
If any of the personal data that you have provided to Camagni e Associati changes, for example if you change your email address or if you wish to cancel any request you have made, or if you become aware of  any inaccurate personal data about you, please inform Camagni e Associati by sending an email to info@catax.it. Camagni e Associati is  not responsible for any losses arising from any inaccurate, inauthentic, deficient or incomplete Personal Data provided by you.
Camagni e Associati takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep your personal data confidential and secure in accordance with its internal procedures covering the storage, disclosure of and access to personal data. Personal data may be kept on its personal data technology systems, those of its service providers or in paper files.
7. For how long do we retain your personal data?
Camagni e Associati retains personal information only for as long as it is needed for the purposes described in paragraph 4 and is  not legally required or otherwise permitted to continue storing such data.
Camagni e Associati may need to retain information for significant periods in order to defend its legal rights.
8. Your rights
Subject to certain legal conditions, you have the following rights in relation to your personal information:   If you wish to do any of the above please send an email to info@catax.it.
9. Updates to this Privacy Policy notice
Camagni e Associati reserves the right to update and change this Privacy Policy notice from time to time to reflect any changes to the way in which your personal data are processed or changing legal requirements. In case of any such changes, we will post the changed Privacy Policy notice on our website www.catax.it or publish it otherwise. The changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on Camagni e Associati website.
10. How to get in touch with Camagni e Associati
If you have a query about this Privacy Policy notice or wish to exercise your rights, please send an email toinfo@catax.it.

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